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April 19th, 2014

Posted by Vanessa

Was just informed that the cutoff for reserving a hotel room is May 9th! Also, the rooms are going fast. Call today to make sure you have a room!

The 2014 Rubberdoll World Rendezvous is set for June 6th - 8th. It will be at the Hilton Garden Inn in Bloomington Minnesota, USA. The event schedule is posted on the event page. We are so excited to have Mistress Jean Bardot on board again this year. She will host a Kinky Friday Party which all attendees are welcome to attend. We are also planning an outing to an Art Fair on Saturday and a off-site photo shoot.

The registration is open and even though the prices for the event rooms went up, we managed to keep the registration price the same as last year. Check the hotel page for more information about reserving a room. The hotel could only block out 20 rooms for us, so you will want to get your room early.

We appreciate everyone who has attended over the years and for all who supports us.


Keep checking back often...



Rubberdolling is been around a while, but is becoming a hot trend. While there are dolls throughout the world who have been doing this for decades. There is even a sudden and unexpected push from mainstream media. The latex manufacturers are now offering doll related products, and many new providers are popping up all over the world. Latex and 'masking' has gone mainstream recently with quite a splash! Countless movies and TV shows are starting to show latex clothing, and not just for the 'extras', but on the main characters. Lady GAGA wears latex for her shows. Skyy Vodka used latex extensively in their ad campaign on air and in print. And lately, a fashion model paraded the runway in Milan, Italy wearing a latex female mask! As Rubberdolls, we are the innovators, the fans, the advocates, the ambassadors, and promoters of this awesome part of life! Our timeless passion for the 'look' and the sensations that our style evokes is finally catching on for all genders and orientations.

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